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5-piece Touch Test Sensory Evaluator Hand Kit

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The 5-piece sensory evaluator hand kit includes 2.83, 3.61, 4.31, 4.56 and 6.65 evaluators.


5-piece Touch Test Sensory Evaluator Kits are used to test sensation levels and obtain objective data for accurate reporting on the status of diminishing or returning sensitivity.

The filament bends when peak force threshold is reached during testing The unique handle easily opens to a 90° angle. When closed, each Sensory Evaluator can be carried safely in a pocket or the supplied carrying case, protecting the filament when not in use. Finger indentations on the handle provide a firm, comfortable hold for the user, and each Sensory Evaluator handle is marked with the corresponding color-coded pressure level.

Comes with 5 aesthesiometers in a protective case.

This product is included in our HAVs Bundle

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