What is a calibration?

A calibration is the process of configuring a device by comparing and adjusting it to within dependably known tolerances/standards. Traceability of our equipment to National Standards is available upon request.

When should you have your equipment calibrated & tested?

You have your medical equipment tested and calibrated when:

  • A specific time period has elapsed. Usually annually but in some instances twice yearly.
  • You purchase a second-hand instrument from a source other than a company that specialises in calibration and service.
  • When a specific amount of usage (or hours used) has elapsed.
  • When an instrument has had a shock, been dropped or suffered a vibration which could have knocked it out of calibration. This is especially important in portable devices.
  • Whenever observations appear questionable.  If it looks damaged or is displaying unexpected readings, there’s a good chance it could be inaccurate and would require a calibration.

Choosing the right service provider

A clue to the quality of service is given in the price you are being quoted. It may sound appealing if it is a good deal less than other quotes but as with everything, you only get what you pay for.

Be absolutely certain that you are being quoted ” like for like “, and that the equipment and technical backup is of the highest quality.

A calibration ” check ” is NOT a calibration.

Hassle Free Calibration Services

We will contact you in advance of your equipment calibration date to both remind you and book in a convenient date and time for one of our engineers to attend your site at your convenience.

Alternatively we also offer a back to laboratory calibration service. All you need to do is pack your equipment and forward it to us via courier. We will calibrate & service your equipment and dispatch it to you generally within 48-72 hours from receipt. A same day calibration service is available, notice is required and a surcharge is applicable.

Equipment calibrated and/or serviced includes

Acoustic Booths

Diagnostic Audiometers

Screening Audiometers

Bio Acoustic Simulators



Sound Level Meters


Vision Screeners


BP Monitors

Ultrasound Therapy Units



Pharmacy Refrigerators

Laser Therapy Units

Please contact our Head Office to enquire about any of our calibration services.
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