What is Calibration?

A Calibration is the act of ensuring that all occupational health screening equipment is in full working order and is calibrated to a known standard so as to ensure that the reading/result/functionality of the item is accurate at the point of delivery to a patient. It is your responsibility to ensure that your medical equipment is in full working order and maintained through regular medical device testing.

When should you have your equipment calibrated & tested?

You have your medical equipment tested and calibrated when:

  • When a specific time period is elapsed, usually annually but in some instances twice yearly.
  • You purchase a second-hand instrument from a source other than a company that specialises in calibration and service.
  • When a specific amount of usage (or hours used) has elapsed, for instance a defibrillator would need to be tested after it has been used.
  • When an instrument has had a shock been dropped or vibration which could have knocked it out of sync. This is especially important in portable devices.
  • Whenever observations appear questionable. Common sense comes into play with this – if it looks damaged or like it’s giving off readings, there’s a good chance it could be.

P & A Medical Ltd are the market leaders for on-site calibration and servicing of a wide range of medical equipment and devices.

Since 1987 our dedicated nationwide team of field service engineers have been conducting on-site calibrations and servicing saving you both down-time of equipment and money. P & A Medical Ltd were the first company to offer national provision of on-site screening equipment testing and calibration.

P & A Medical Ltd are not only able to calibrate & service your equipment, but we are also capable of performing repairs at a fraction of the price it would cost to replace a piece of equipment and we provide on-going telephone technical support for all of our customers, free of charge.

Hassle Free Calibration Services

We will contact you in advance of your equipment calibration date to both remind you and book in a convenient date and time for one of our technicians to attend your site at your convenience.

Alternatively we also offer a back to laboratory calibration service. All you need to do is pack your equipment and forward it to us via courier. We will calibrate & service your equipment and dispatch it to you generally within 48-72 hours from receipt. A same day calibration service is available, notice is required and a surcharge is applicable.

Equipment calibrated and/or serviced includes

Acoustic Booths

Diagnostic Audiometers

Screening Audiometers

Bio Acoustic Simulators



Sound Level Meters


Vision Screeners


BP Monitors

Ultrasound Therapy Units



Pharmacy Refrigerators

Laser Therapy Units

Please contact our Head Office to enquire about any of our calibration services.
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