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Marsden MG-4800 Hand Dynamometer

£210.00 ex. VAT

The Marsden MG-4800 is designed to help rehabilitation of people with disabilities or injuries by enabling them to develop strength of the hand and forearms.

The Marsden MG-4800 Hand Dynamometer will assist with a gradual build of the muscles and grip, providing the user with the opportunity to regain critical abilities and skills.

The hand grip dynamometer is used in pathology studies of the hand often involving tendon injuries, nerve injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and neuromuscular disorders.

Product Features

  • 20kg/40kg/80kg of springs offer diverse applications for hand grip assessment.
  • Ideal for occupational therapists, rehabilitation doctors and health assessment clinics.
  • Max mode can measure maximum grip force.
  • AVG mode can give the average force of the right and left hand
  • The dynamometer and springs also come supplied with an instruction manual and sturdy carry case.

This product is supplied with a 12 month calibration certificate.

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