Hans Rudolph 3 Litre Calibration Syringe

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The Hans Rudolph 3 Litre syringe is used for calibrating pulmonary function testing equipment, including spirometers. Three litres is the recommended minimum volume to test spirometers.

The Hans Rudolph 3 litre calibration syringe provides an easy and reliable method of calibrating and measuring the accuracy of respiratory volume measuring equipment in the field on a regular basis to satisfy your quality assurance program.

Hans Rudolph 3 Litre Calibration Syringe Key Features:

  • The volume stop is easily located on the graduated piston rod for the desired volume.
  • A socket-hex wrench is supplied for tightening the volume-stop.
  • Aluminium cylinder with hard anodize.
  • Accuracy is ± 1/2 of 1% full scale (15ml)


  • Total Volume: 3L
  • Smallest Graduation (ml): 100
  • Volume Stroke (inch): 14 3/4
  • Volume Stroke (cm): 37.47
  • Cylinder Bore (inch): 4
  • Cylinder Bore (cm): 10.16
  • Weight (lbs.): 5
  • Weight (grams): 2268

You can find the manufacturer data sheet here.

This product is also part of our Spirometer Bundle and is compatible with all our Spirometers.

This product is supplied with a 12 month calibration certificate.

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