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MIR Reusable Turbine

£120.00 ex. VAT

The MIR reusable turbine is manufactured with high-tech materials, including special alloys and synthetic sapphires, giving the user durability while retaining the features of reproducibility and accuracy.

Complies with the latest ATS/ERS standards for accuracy.

Re-usable turbine for use with the MIR range of Spirometers.

Fits adult standard and one-way valve mouthpieces.

Suitable for use with MIR models: spirolab, spirolab II, spirolab III, spirolab III b/n, spirobank, spirobank usb, spirobank G, spirobank G usb, spirobank II, spirobank II new, spirodoc, spirodoc Spiro Only, Minispir new, Minispir, MiniSpir Oxy, MiniFlowmeter.

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