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Philips FR3 Smart Pads III

The reason these pads are SMART is that they can be used on both adults and children (using the Infant/Child Key); which means there’s no time wasted during the vital moments following a cardiac arrest.

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Having a pair of electrode pads that can be used on both adults and children means there is no need to have multiple pads for different age groups and it helps to keep the accessory costs down, and that’s exactly what you get with the Philips FR3 Smart Pads III; as with the added inclusion of the Infant/Child Key, you are able to use the defibrillator pads on both children (ages 1-8) and adults to perform lifesaving treatment following a cardiac arrest.

Key features

  • Plastic protective casing ensures the electrode pads are kept clean and undamaged prior to use
  • Clear instructional images help the first responder to place the electrodes correctly
  • Designed to be pre-connected, saving time in an emergency situation
  • Once connected, the pads are constantly monitored by the defibrillator through regular self checks
  • Sticky adhesive ensures that once the pads are placed on the patient, they will not move during lifesaving treatment
  • Can be used on both adults and children (when using the Infant/Child Key)

How to use

The immediate moments following a cardiac arrest are the most crucial, once the pads have been removed from their protective casing; they must be applied to the patient as per the instructions on the electrodes.

Once the Philips FR3 Smart Pads III are placed on the patient they will begin to provide feedback to the AED regarding the condition of the heart. The defibrillator will then advise the first responder as to whether treatment is required and will either advise shock or administer the treatment by itself.

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