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Lion Alcotest Calibration Gas

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Lion Alcotest Calibration Gas is a high pressure, disposable cylinder containing alcohol vapours mixed with an inert diluent gas (nitrogen or air). The alcohol concentration in the gas mixture is shown on the container’s label. Alcocal breath alcohol standards are used to check and adjust the calibration setting of lion alcolmeter® breath alcohol analysers. Each cylinder contains sufficient gas for about 300 ‘shots’ when used as directed. This is a generic gas canister with similar composition and compatible with Lion alcometers for calibration purposes.

AlcoCal® 2AL comes with or without a regulator. If you do not already have one, you must buy a regulator as well without which you won’t be able to use this cylinder. The regulator is re-usable and you do not need to buy a new regulator every time you buy this cylinder. When the cylinder is empty, the regulator is detached and retained for use with the replacement cylinder. The empty cylinder should be then disposed off safely.

Lion Alcotest Calibration Gas Details:

  • Shelf life estimated from 24 months
  • Maximum Filling Pressure: 200 bar [200 x 105hPa])
  • Number of Samples: 300 [approximately]
  • Quoted Alcohol Levels: in mg/l breath alcohol units
  • Alcohol Level Accuracy: ±3% of stated value
  • Weight [complete]: 750 grams
  • Weight (cylinder only): 500 grams
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