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iPad NF1200 Battery

For use with the iPAD NF1200 defibrillator, the disposable Li-ion Battery will ensure your life-saving device is always in working order!

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To keep your iPad NF1200 defibrillator in optimum working condition and rescue ready at all times, the iPad NF1200 Battery is an essential tool for providing both treatment in an emergency and day to day maintenance.

The battery is always working when connected to the defibrillator. Even when you haven’t touched the device for days on end, the AED performs important daily, weekly and monthly tests to ensure that when you do need to use it, it’s ready to work straight away.

iPad NF1200 Battery Features

  • For use exclusively with the iPAD NF1200 defibrillator
  • Battery shelf life of up to 5 years
  • Ensures that all the defibrillator’s test features continue to run in the background
  • Provides a minimum of 120 shocks or 4 hours of operating time
  • Disposable long-life primary cell battery

How to use

Once you have clipped the new battery into the defibrillator, the unit is able to continue performing its daily, weekly and monthly automated self-tests so that you don’t need to worry about that the AED not working after laying dormant for a certain amount of time.

Essential scans carried out by the defibrillator ensure that the electrodes, hardware, software and subsystems are all in good working condition at all times and ready to help save a life at a moment’s notice.

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