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Technical Specifications

Output/input data
Frequency range (Hz): 500, 1K, 1K5, 2K, 3K, 4K, 6K, 8K
Frequency accuracy: <1%
Distortion: <2%
Output level range: -10dB HL to 95dB HL
Output level accuracy: ±3dB
Test modes: Bekesy
Output level step size: Bekesy; 2.5dB
Computer; 5dB
Manual; 5dB
Threshold level: Bekesy; 1dB
Computer; 5dB
Manual; 5dB
Results analysis
HSE categorisation procedure
Physical data
Graphic display: 115 x 86mm display area
Internal memory: 1000 tests
PC interface: via USB port
Communication: Integral talkover channel
Power: 240V ac 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 250 x 98 high
Weight: 1.55kg
The CA850 Series 4 conforms to the relevant clauses of the
following standards.
Safety: IEC 60601-1
EMC: IEC 60601-1-2
Audiometric: IEC 60645-1
CE mark: Complies to EU Medical


12 month warranty on Audiometer but not on printer

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