Headsets and Bio Acoustic Simulators

Bio Acoustic Simulators are used to perform a daily check on the functioning of your Audiometer. The daily check has in the past been a subjective test in that you would check your own hearing for discrepancies when compared to previous results. This is still a method used generally in the audiology world but is time consuming. The Bio Acoustic Simulator offers an objective solution but must be used correctly to obtain reliable results. Should you obtain a result inconsistent with previous readings, then it is likely that the headset isn’t seated properly. Reseat the headset and try again. As the earcups and ear cushions, where Audiocups are fitted, become distorted through usage then seating the headset becomes problematic. As time wears on and, dependent on usage, the Audiocup cushions harden at the lower part of the headset and distort. (Rotating regularly can extend the life of them). The ear cushions located within the Audiocups will in time flatten making them larger in diameter and changing the profile of the concaved profile which is designed to connect effectively with the ear part of the Audiocups.

To avoid these problems P&A generally replace cushions when servicing (annually) and ear cups when necessary, as these should last two maybe three years dependant on usage.

by P&A Medical