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Designed for use with the CardioChek PA Blood Analyser, the PTS Chol HDL Glu (Cholesterol/HDL/Glucose) Triple Test Strips BIOS019 provide a simple and immediate means of diagnosing and monitoring cholesterol and glucose levels within blood.

Since results are delivered within minutes, patients who are found to have abnormal cholesterol or glucose levels can be shown their results on the CardioChek screen. Seeing instant results provides impact, and can even help strengthen the call to action for the patient.

PTS Chol HDL Glu Measuring Range

The measuring range of the PTS Panels Cholesterol/HDL Test Strips is 2.59-10.39mmol/L for the total cholesterol and 0.39-2.59mmol/L for the HDL cholesterol and 1.11-33.3mmol/L for Glucose. A drop of a patients blood is placed on a test strip, which has been inserted into the CardioChek analyser. In around two minutes, a numerical value appears on the analyser. this value, when compared to standard guidelines, can determine whether or not the patient is within recommended limits or if they require management of their lipid profile, or blood glucose levels.

Tests are supplied in packs of 15 with the relevant test strip memory chip. A 40µl pipette to collect the blood sample is also required.

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