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  • Lifepak 1000 Battery
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    Lifepak 1000 Battery

    This replacement battery is for use with the Lifepak 1000 defibrillator, this robust piece of equipment protects the battery contributing towards its longer life span.

  • Philips HS1 & FRx Battery
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    Philips HS1 & FRx Battery

    The non-rechargeable battery for the Philips HS1 and FRx defibrillators ensures that your defibrillator is ready to rescue at all times, and can be left in standby mode for up to 4 years before it will need replacing. Features Heartstart Battery is designed specifically for the Philips HS1 and FRx defibrillators Simple click and replace […]

  • Powerheart G3 Battery
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    Powerheart G3 Battery

    Non-Rechargeable Lithium Battery for Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G3

  • Powerheart g5
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    Powerheart G5 Battery

    £285.00 ex. VAT

    This dependable, medical grade battery is tested rigorously at Cardiac Science and then tested each day it is installed in your Powerheart G5 AED for presence and functionality to ensure readiness. Using patented Rescue Ready® technology and embedded circuitry, your Intellisense® battery communicates performance condition, age, storage temperature and other vital information directly to your […]

  • Rescue SAM Battery
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    Rescue SAM Battery

    A replacement Rescue SAM Battery for the Rescue Sam defibrillator. Disposable battery with 5 year life in standby mode, minimum 200 shocks or 4 hours continuous operating time. 12 Volt DC, 4.2 Ah, LiMnO2, non rechargeable, long life battery Weight 0.25 kg Dimensions 20 x 10 x 5 cm

  • Zoll AED Plus Battery
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    Zoll AED Plus Battery

    Get the power you need for your Zoll defibrillator. The Zoll AED Plus battery pack is comprised of 10 123A lithium batteries. Features: Batteries last 5 years The defibrillator will prompt if the battery is running low How to Use Insert the Zoll AED Plus battery pack of 10 batteries into the defibrillator. Connect the […]

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