Did you know…?

Most hearing conservation programs use audiometers with TDH-style headsets comprising a headband, two transducers with plastic cushions and a cable to connect to the audiometer. While the headsets have advantages in ease of use, they can present challenges when cleaning and disinfection is necessary.

Of particular concern are your cup cushions. Since these are placed over the ear, they may serve as potential carriers of microorganisms when in contact with the pinnae and the ear canal opening. Cleaning these can often be difficult as it is vital to ensure that the transducer does not get wet when disinfecting the ear cushions, leaving wipes as the best viable option.

However, baby wipes are often used and there is growing evidence showing that the lanolin and other oils in these types of wipe will prematurely harden and degrade the cup cushions.

We therefore recommend anti-bacterial non-alcohol wipes as the best way of cleaning and disinfecting your headset.