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Microlab MK8 Spirometer with software and Hans Rudolph 3 Litre Syringe

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The Spirometry Bundle includes the MK8 Spirometer and The Hans Rudolph 3 Litre Calibration Syringe.

The Microlab spirometer is lightweight, portable and easy-to-use, making it the ideal choice for doctor’s surgeries, occupational health, physicians’ offices or for bedside testing of FVC and SVC. The Microlab spirometer can optionally be connected to Micro Medical’s spirometry software (see Package Choices). This allows trending, reporting and data sharing with your Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Colour-guided usability
The functions can be easily accessed using the high-definition colour touch screen.

Built-in printing
The Microlab Spirometer offers a built-in high-resolution printer and the option to print on external printers using a USB connection.

On-screen convenience
Full flow volume and volume time curves let you inspect manoeuvres as you follow test-quality prompts on the screen.

Full configuration
The system allows up to 41 indexes to be selected, including predicted values and languages.

Helpful animation
The spirometer helps you improve repeatability and performance with three computer animation incentive programs.

Data sharing
The Microlab spirometer can directly download data into Vmax® Encore software and SentrySuite software.

Standards compliance
The system fully complies with ATS/ERS 2005 standards.

Convenient packaging
The spirometer comes with all of its accessories in a carry case.

The Hans Rudolph 3 litre calibration syringe provides an easy and reliable method of calibrating and measuring the accuracy of respiratory volume measuring equipment in the field on a regular basis to satisfy your quality assurance program.

HR 3 Litre Calibration Syringe Key Features:

  • The volume stop is easily located on the graduated piston rod for the desired volume.
  • A socket-hex wrench is supplied for tightening the volume-stop.
  • Aluminium cylinder with hard anodize.
  • Accuracy is ± 1/2 of 1% full scale (15ml)


  • Total Volume: 3L
  • Smallest Graduation (ml): 100
  • Volume Stroke (inch): 14 3/4
  • Volume Stroke (cm): 37.47
  • Cylinder Bore (inch): 4
  • Cylinder Bore (cm): 10.16
  • Weight (lbs.): 5
  • Weight (grams): 2268

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These products are supplied with a 12 month calibration certificate.

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