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SpiroConnect Spirometer with Software (Reconditioned)

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  • Bluetooth connectivity for safer spirometry testing during COVID-19 
  • PC or tablet based – Suitable for in-clinic testing or domiciliary visits
  • Includes GLI predicted values – As recommended by the Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology (ARTP)
  • Innovative vertical turbine  makes it more sensitive to low flow rates

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SpiroConnect is the most accurate and simple to use wireless PC Based spiraometer available. It uses proven turbine technology but with a range of innovative enhancements.

By orientating the turbine vertically rather than horizontally, there is less rotational resistance which makes it more sensitive to low flow rates than other turbine spirometers. This, in addition to the use of an advanced antistatic plastic, significantly enhances measurement accuracy, particularly when testing COPD and Asthma patients. The latest Bluetooth technology means it can be used as a portable device connecting wirelessly to a PC, laptop or tablet. This Bluetooth functionality also makes it suitable for use in a primary care network (PCN) respiratory diagnostic service.

Designed by the inventor of the MicroLab, MicroLoop and SpiroUSB spirometers, SpiroConnect® is perfect for the busy spirometry hub.

What’s inside the package?

  • SpiroConnect Spirometer

  • SpiroConnect PC software

  • USB Bluetooth dongle

  • Padded Weave Transit Case

Benefits of the Spiroconnect PC Based Spirometer:

  • Wireless bluetooth connection – convenient for the clinician and the patient

  • PC or tablet based – flexible for in-clinic testing

  • Quick and easy to clean and sterilise

  • Innovative vertical turbine – more sensitive to low flow rates than other turbine spirometers

  • Inexpensive consumables – reduces running costs

  • Installation and training available – you can make full use of your new equipment quickly and easily

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