Oscilla SM950 Diagnostic Audiometer (Reconditioned)

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The Oscilla SM950 Diagnostic Memory Audiometer is a unit where all functions are controlled by an advanced microprocessor. The SM950 contains a storage capacity of 29 audiograms, which can be held for later printout or transfer to a patient file.

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The SM950 audiometer with its backup memory will save all data when the unit is turned off. The audiograms will be transferred in a format which makes it possible to transfer data to most patient file systems. There is software available designed by the manufacturer of the SM950 audiometer which makes it possible to create your own database.

The device automatically selects the correct symbols for left or right ear as well as masking and bone thresholds. If you are monitoring the results on-screen, one push of the DATA button will update the audiogram. If a printout is required, simply press the PRINT button and within a few seconds you’ll have a full audiogram printed out.

In SETUP mode it is possible to:


Select or deselect Frequencies.
Set tone duration of 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 seconds.
Option of selecting or deselecting storage capacity.
You may turn off the tone when changing frequency or channel.
There is an automatic 20dB threshold test, standard automatic test, or random 20dB automatic test.
Printers accommodated: 24 pin printer, bubble jet, laser printer, IBM pro-printer, or any printer of your choice.
When using IBM you can choose a carriage-return signal.
You may choose to have two separate audiograms, (air and bone), printed out.
You may connect or disconnect to the AudioConsole software available from the manufacturer.

This product is supplied with a 12 month calibration certificate after purchase.

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