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Seca CT320 ECG

£1,650.00 ex. VAT

The Seca CT320 is a PC-based interpretive ECG machine with USB connectivity.

Easily integrate the seca CT320 in to your daily routine. Just plug in the USB connector into your desktop computer or laptop and get a fully functional interpretive ECG. This allows you to record all twelve leads with a sampling rate of up to 4000Hz, for viewing, analysis, reporting and printing on every PC in the network. Send the data to your EMR and if you like, work paperless from now on. Profit also from minimising time-consuming data entry errors.

Seca CT320

The supplied seca cardio software is compatible with all leading EMR packages, including EMIS, systmOne, vision, iSoft and others. The software can export a pdf ECG file to a destination of your choice – enabling ease of attachment to the EMR or for e-mailing to specialist ECG centres and use in tele-health applications.

Key Features

  • USB connectivity
  • Advanced software filters for clear traces
  • Compatible with leading EMR packages including EMIS, SystmOne, Vision, iSoft and others
  • Single beat analysis, cumulative complexes, measurement table – interpretation –
  • Worklist of ECG reports automatically generated once recorded for improved work process
  • Power supplied by host computer
  • Dimensions: 160mm x 85mm x 25mm

seca CT320 is supplied complete with:

  • USB connection cable
  • Patient cable
  • Alligator clips
  • 500 disposable electrodes
  • Seca cardio software (no licence fees).

Product Properties

  • Compatible with all leading EMR systems e.g. emis, vision, isoft and others
  • Fully integrates with SystmOne
  • seca cardio ECG software functions: single beat analysis, cumulative complexes, measurement table/interpretation/worklist of ECG reports automatically generated once recorded offering improved work process/single patient database viewed throughout practice network
  • High quality recordings of all twelve leads with a sampling rate of up to 4000 Hz. Clearly arranged choice of A4 reports with one click including the popular 4 x 3 with lead II rhythm strip
  • QTC interval – Ideal for Mental Health
  • Impedance measurement: all electrodes highlighted with automatic quality indication to ensure the perfect ECG
  • Digital pacemaker detection – Robust defibrillator proof unit

Also available in the Seca CT321 which uses bluetooth connectivity

This product is supplied with a 12 month calibration certificate.

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