Like the Cardiac Science G3 Defibrillator, the Adult Powerheart G3 Defib Pads are easy to use and pre-connected; allowing you to focus on the rescue process during an emergency.

Powerheart G3 Defib Pads Features:

  • Preconnected pads are ready to help save a life
  • Easy to open foil packet keeps the pads safe and secure
  • Clear images on the pads indicate where to place on the patient
  • The AEDs self-test feature ensures the pads are in good working order
  • Super sticky adhesive ensures the pads will not move during the rescue process

This pack is comprised of one set of Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Defibrillation Electrodes.

You can find the G3 Paediatric Pads here.

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