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Micro 1 Handheld Spirometer

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Designed for quick and easy testing of patients, the Micro 1 is ideal for general practitioner and private doctors offices, outpatient hospital departments, occupational health settings, heart – lung transplantation units, and COPD patients where devices can be taken away by the patient for self testing and health surveillance management.

The Micro 1 handheld spirometer is a compact and durable machine designed for quick and easy spirometric testing. The machine’s easy-to-use functionality allows patients to take the machine home for further testing outside of clinic.

The Micro 1 is a compact, rechargeable battery operated and fully portable diagnostic spirometer. It is accurate to the requirements of the ATS/ERS TASK FORCE: STANDARDISATION OF LUNG FUNCTION TESTING 2005. Its ergonomic and user-friendly design allows diagnostic spirometry measurements, including predicted values and automatic interpretation, to be made quickly and simply.

The Micro 1 Spirometer is intended to measure the maximal volume and flow of air that can be moved out of a patient’s lungs. The system is intended for use with Paediatric and adult patients over the age of 3 years in hospitals, physician offices, laboratories and occupational health testing environments.

Micro 1 PC Software

This software allows you to customise the settings on your Micro I spirometer, and allows full spiormetry reports containing patient demographics, indices and flow volume and volume time graphs to be generated and saved as a PDF file or printed. Once successfully installed, comprehensive help is available through the Help menu when using the application.

System Requirements

Micro 1 PC Software requires certain hardware and software
components in order to run properly.


  • Measures FEV1, FVC, FEV6, PEF, FEV1/FVC, FEV1/FEV6, F25-75
  • Choice of 4 indices can be displayed
  • ATS/ERS 2005 Quality prompts for each manoeuvre
  • NLHEP configuration mode
  • Current manoeuvre and Best manoeuvre available for viewing
  • Quick examination option for quick patient testing
  • Predicted values displayed as either % predicted or z score
  • Post bronchodilator option with % change displayed
  • Remembers the last patient tested to allow testing to continue
  • Calibration check to verify device
  • Last calibration check can be viewed
  • Choice of 10 languages can be selected
  • Small portable and lightweight
  • High definition backlit display
  • Flat touch keypad
  • Rechargeable battery (charger supplied in carry case with unit)
  • Easily customized for regional settings

You can find the compatible mouthpieces here.

This product is supplied with a 12 month calibration certificate.

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