Burnshield – Sterile Burn Dressing Gel

£2.95 ex. VAT

Burnshield emergency burncare gel provides pain relief, protects against infection and minimises skin damage from burns.

When you receive a painful burn, the ideal way of alleviating the pain and reducing further damage is to run your finger under the tap. The cool water immediately has a soothing effect, giving immediate relief from the burning sensation. As soon as you remove your finger from the water, however, the pain returns. Using the Burnshield Digit Dressing allows you to get around this problem.

Burnshield Gel Features

  • Ideal for EMS, NHS, fire industry and retail
  • For use on burns and scalds
  • Provides protection against infection
  • Minimises trauma and skin damage
  • Provides pain relief
  • Promotes healing, moistens, cools and soothes
  • Non-adherent and non-toxic
  • 100mm x 100mm in size
  • Contains 40g of gel
  • Suitable for use on children and facial burns
  • Made from open cell foam that is designed to hold gel in place and allows for heat dissipation
  • Suitable for dressing the majority of most common burn areas

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