A&D TM-2657P Blood Pressure Monitor with Free Stand

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The TM-2657P Professional Blood Pressure Health Monitor is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor with a unique, new ergonomic design. This unit can be used as a health screen station, alone on a tabletop, or as part of a kiosk system.

The A&D TM-2657P is a popular waiting room blood pressure monitor. It features an ergonomic, compact design. Designed and engineered in Japan the TM-2657P has a fast printout speed and offers added connectivity features. The TM-2657P self-screening blood pressure monitor has an AA grade clinical validation (TM-2655P device equivalence) to the demanding British Irish Hypertension Society validation protocol.

Ideally located in a quiet corner of the waiting room, the TM-2657P is designed for professional high volume use and automatically prints a reading, with the date, time, and irregular heartbeat indicator (if present) on a small slip of paper. The patient usually shows this reading to the doctor or nurse at the beginning of the appointment and if the readings are too high or low they can then re-measure. In some practices patients hand results to a member of the reception team, who record it electronically for later review. Practices have developed their own hypertension protocols, with many using the monitors to provide a drop-in service for patients worried about their blood pressure, or those requiring a six month check-up.

Advantages for Clinicians

Waiting room monitors like the A&D TM-2657P offer speed, accuracy and time savings with some practices reporting they ‘save’ up to 100 appointments per month on average. Recent clinical research suggests blood pressure self-screening could be a way of increasing access to BP checks and reducing clinician workload. One key benefit is the avoidance of the perceived white-coat effect (WCE), especially among patients with a self-reported history of elevated results.

Advantages for Practice Managers

For practice managers, they offer good management and effective use of resources freeing clinical staff for other roles where they may be better utilised.

Advantages for Patients

For patients the feedback is positive and the monitors promote understanding of blood pressure control and compliance with any prescribed medicine. Recent clinical research suggests patients self-screen to confirm their continued healthy status and that checking their BP is seen as a good thing. The results are of use to Health Care Professionals (HCPs) assisting them in making a diagnosis.

The Torque Controlled Belt drive Method (TCBM) cuff mechanism in the TM-2657P provides sophisticated automatic cuff size adjustment, ensuring the arm is positioned correctly for accurate high speed measurement, first time every time. With a centrally located simple one button operation it can be used on children (13 years or above) and adults with either the left or right arm. The integrated arm rest helps ensure the patients arm is comfortable and in the correct position during a measurement. An antibacterial arm cuff cover is also now fitted as standard. Disposable single patient use protective arm over sleeves are also available.

After the reading the results are output to the built in printer with the date, time systolic, diastolic and pulse rate clearly displayed. New printing options also permit the inclusion of a barcode or QR code on the print out. The printout will also display (if present) an irregular heartbeat symbol. Buy with confidence direct from PMS Instruments an official authorised A&D Distributor and service partner or via the NHS Supply Chain NPC code FFE1254. Demonstration available on request. The overall footprint of the TM-2657P including the stand is 500mm (W) x 924mm (H) x 478mm (D)

Features include

• User-friendly with small footprint
• BHS AA grade clinical validation (TM-2655P device equivalence)
• 2 year warranty
• Saves clinical appointment time
• Positive patient feedback
• Simple one-touch fully automatic measurement
• Accurate and reliable Torque Controlled Belt drive Method
• Antibacterial inner arm cuff cover
• Easy load paper tray
• Left or right arm use
• Reliable high speed printer with easy paper replacement
• Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) indicated on printout
• Weight 5.5kg Dimensions 241 (W) X 324(H) X 390 (D) mm

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