The Keystone VS – V Vision Screener has been developed to be both simple and efficient.

The testing process is rapid yet accurate. A typical test can be performed in less than 5 minutes.

The VS – 5 has traded on its reliability for several decades. Its is comparatively lightweight and is easily moved to any location in or out of the office.

VS – 5 Tests

  • Acuity Right Eye – Far and Near
  • Acuity Left Eye – Far and Near
  • Acuity Binocular – At Far, Intermediate, Night and Near
  • Phoria – Far and Near
  • Fusion – Far and Near
  • Stereopsis – Far and Near
  • Colour Perception – Severe and Mild

Rental Price

1-week Vision Screener Hire rental – £ 105.00 + VAT + Shipping

Conditions apply. Prices are net, not including VAT. Delivery charges as necessary. All equipment hire is subject to availability at the time of enquiry.

Please contact our Head Office to arrange rental of our Vision Screeners on 01204 676180.
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