Audiometry Solutions to Suit Your Needs

P&A Medical offers a leasing service of a wide range of audiometry equipment solutions from leading manufacturers.
We have screening audiometers that are used to assess the degree of hearing loss in both the right and left ears individually, ideal for occupational health assessments, and diagnostic audiometers that are used to determine the nature of the hearing loss, as might be required in a primary care setting.

The systems can either be PC-based or function independently as highly portable stand-alone units. The advantage of the stand-alone unit is that it can be carried directly to the patient rather than the patient coming to the clinic. The advantage of using a PC Based unit is that you can make use of the acquisition software features such as real-time analysis and graph display as well as giving you better data management options.

Systems can either be operated manually, therefore, giving the user the flexibility to create their own test programs, or run automatically through pre-installed programs such as the *Hughson-Westlake test. Some systems can also permit manual and automatic testing.

*The Hughson-Westlake program is considered to be the gold standard for determining the hearing threshold of the patient.

Below is a list of stock equipment that we allocate for leasing purposes but note that it is subject to availability. Please check our website for latest updates:

Minimum 1 week hire £ 95.00 + VAT + shipping