Micro CO Monitor

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The Micro CO offers clear levels of exhaled carbon monoxide on the breath and is suitable for use in settings where exhaled carbon monoxide needs to be measured.

The Micro Medical Micro CO provides accuracy and simplicity in CO breath testing. Some of its many features include, fast response time, 1ppm resolution, immediate display of CO levels in PPM and %COHB, colour light indicators, capable of interfacing with COBRA™, (a complimentary Windows® based software package for performing and storing real time breath tests on your PC).

Customer Benefits and Features of the Micro CO

The Micro CO is a powerful diagnostic tool for measuring alveolar Carbon Monoxide concentrations (in PPM) and percentage Carboxy haemoglobin. Operating from a single 9V PP3 battery for approximately 2000 tests the Micro CO combines accuracy and simplicity making it the perfect choice for professionals worldwide.

Ease of Use

Measurements are easily obtained from a single expiration and are aided by an auto-zero function at turn on, combined with a breath hold countdown timer. The results are then instantly displayed on the large, easy to read liquid crystal display, and are visually represented by the appropriate colour light indicator.

The Micro CO results are displayed on a clear graphic display and, using the slide switch, they can be converted to %COHb. The colour “traffic lights” give a clear visual aid to the operator and user of the levels of carbon monoxide detected.

  • Encourages patients to hold their breath for a sufficient time period using the onboard countdown timer
  • See immediate results on a clear graphic display – no warm up required
  • Results can be converted to %COHb by moving the simple slide switch
  • Clear “traffic light” indication of CO levels
  • Push button calibration procedure
  • Auto-zero function to allow immediate tests of numerous patients
  • Small, portable and lightweight with a textured handgrip
  • Supplied complete with accessories in a sturdy carry case

Can also be supplied with the compatible Mouthpieces.

The manufacturer guide can be found here.

This product is supplied with a 12 month calibration certificate.

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