Inventis Piccolo


The Inventis Piccolo is a portable diagnostic audiometer, offering air, bone and speech audiometry functions. Piccolo can be controlled either from a computer running Windows or, for the first time ever, from an iPad® (Aero option).

A lightweight, compact design, powerful, user-friendly software, and Noah connectivity combine to make the Inventis Piccolo the ideal choice for professionals on the move.


Connect Piccolo to the USB port of your computer and you are ready to go. There is no need to install a driver or even plug in a power supply. You can control Piccolo through the Maestro module’s amazingly user-friendly interface.


Whether you are hooked on iPads or just looking for a superbly portable solution, you can download the Inventis Maestro app from Apple®’s App Store®.

The Aero option lets you control Piccolo directly from your iPad® over a Bluetooth connection. The Maestro app features a complete patient database, allows you to print professional reports and export data to Noah and Maestro.


To best fit different needs, Inventis Piccolo is available in three versions:
• Basic: pure tone audiometry – only AC
• Plus: pure tone audiometry – AC and BC
• Speech: pure tone, speech audiometry, QuickSIN® test – AC and BC

Inventis Piccolo Technical Data

Device category Screening and/or Diagnostic Audiometer
Intensity AC: -10 to 120 dB HL. BC: -10 to 80 dB HL
Frequency Range
125-8000 Hz

Basic, Plus: Tone, Warble tone

Speech: Tone, warble tone, EXT 1-2, mic.


Basic, Plus: NBN

Speech: NBN, WN, SN


Basic: AC L+R

Plus, Speech: AC L+R, BC

Talk Over External Microphone
Connection to PC
USB (driverless)
Connection to SW
Inventis Maestro (stand-alone or Noah module)
Connection to iPad®
Bluetooth 4 (Requires Aero option)
Controlling App Maestro
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 3cm / 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.2in (LxWxH)
Weight 300g / 10.6oz
Basic: EN 60645 -1 / ANSI S3.6, Type 4
Plus, Speech: EN 60645 -1 / ANSI S3.6,
Type 3
Safety EN 60601-1, Class 1, Type BF
EMC EN 60601-1-2
Classification Class lla (MDD 93/42)

Basic, Basic Aero, Plus, Plus Aero, Speech, Speech Aero

Carry Case

With Carry Case, No Carry Case