Inventis Cello


The Inventis Cello is a PC or iPad® controlled diagnostic audiometer, capable of performing fast and accurate air, bone and speech audiometry exams.

iPad® Control

The Aero option lets you control Cello directly from your iPad® over a Bluetooth connection. The Maestro app, available on the Apple® App Store®, can be used for pure tone and speech audiometry; it features a complete patient database, while also allowing you to print professional reports and export data to Noah and Daisy.

Computer Control

Connect Cello to the USB port of your Windows® computer and you are ready to go; no driver and no additional cable required. You can control Cello through the Maestro module’s amazingly user-friendly interface, available for Daisy and Noah.

Inventis Cello Tests

Besides the standard audiometry exams, Cello also performs Hughson-Westlake automated adiometry, high frequency pure tone exam*, speech audiometry, QuickSIN®* and SISI, and includes a 2 channel Master Hearing Aid. In just a few minutes you can build a video-VRA* system with unlimited possibilities for customising the images and videos used in tests. Everything is controlled through the Maestro module, simply connect up to three displays to your computer.

*If you are looking to purchase the Inventis Cello with a QuickSIN® License, the High Frequency Extenstion, and/or the Video-VRA Extension, please call us today on 01204 676180.

The Inventis Cello is supplied with:

  • TDH-39 supra-aural headphones
  • B71 bone conductor
  • Patient response button
  • Monitor headset with boom microphone
  • Clip-on microphone for patient-to-operator communication
  • Medical grade power supply
  • USB conncection cable
  • User manual
  • Inventis Software Suite CD
  • Noah Maestro module
  • Daisy software and Daisy Maestro module
  • Four magnetic covers

Optional extras include: ER-3A & ER-5A Insert earphones, IME-100 insert masking, DD45 headset, Amplivox audiocups for TDH-39 & DD45, Desktop microphone, High-Frequency extension, QuickSIN® test license, Video-VRA extension. If you require any of these extras please call us today on 01204 676180.

The full Inventis Cello data sheet can be found here: Cello Data Sheet


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