The Industrial Audiometer Package has everything required to set up an Audiometric programme.

This audiometer hire package consists of the following:

  • SM 930 Screening Audiometer with Manual & Automatic Hughson & Westlake test facility. (The automatic testing facility allows the hearing levels of employees to be tested in a consistent manner every time, independent of the person operating the Audiometer)
  • New HSE categorisation chart allowing the operator to determine the patients appropriate HSE categorisation.
  • Audiometric Headset with Noise Reducing Audiocups. (The Headset incorporates the TDH39 specification, which is the industry standard headset for Audiometry).
  • Patient Response Button. (This is quiet in operation and does not interfere with the testing)
  • Carrying case. (This robust carrying case helps to protect the Audiometer and accessories from damage)
  • Audiometer User Manual & Quick Operation Guide. (The user manual highlights all the features of the Audiometer. The one-page quick guide goes step by step and quickly shows how to carry out the tests)

The audiometer will be issued with a valid calibration certificate.

Rental Price

1-week rental – £89.50 + Shipping

Conditions apply. Prices are net, not including VAT. Delivery charges as necessary. All equipment hire is subject to availability at the time of enquiry.

Please contact our Head Office to arrange rental on 01204 676180.
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